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Use the form on the right to shoot me a message or your tattoo idea. Ready to setup a consultation? Contact me or call Outer Limits Tattoo at 562.437.9121 to schedule a time to stop by the shop in Long Beach.


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Tattoo Deposit

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The option for online deposits is here to make things easy for both of us. You’ll know you have a secured appointment, and I’ll know I have you as a client. When prompted to, you can make a deposit for any of the locations I tattoo out of, domestic or international!

Tattoo Deposit


Tattoo Deposit

from 400.00

By placing a deposit you are letting me know that you we’ve discussed your idea thoroughly, you’ve read my policies and you are comfortable with our plan for your tattoo. Upon receiving your deposit, I will email you to discuss the next step in this process!

The non-refundable deposit goes toward the final cost of your tattoo. So, if at the end of your session the final cost is $1000, your remaining balance will be $600 (Or $400 if applicable). The deposit is absolutely non-refundable. So be sure you’re committed when making the deposit! There are several ways to lose your deposit which you can read about in my blog! Please feel free to ask any questions!

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