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Tattoo Return Policy

There isn't one. Tattoos are permanent.

One of the most commonly learned lessons (from a client's perspective) is the value of a good tattoo. I can't count the number of times I've met a new client who, 3 or 4 tattoos deep, admits they no longer "bargain shop" for tattoos.  Their first few tattoos are cool, but maybe not the best quality, and like all tattoos aren't going anywhere.  But after experiencing multiple tattoo artists and the varying quality of the finished product, all of my clients can agree - tattoos are worth the investment.

So needless to say, there is no return policy on tattoos.

And that's why I'll sometimes make you work for what you want.  By that I mean that if I feel your tattoo idea isn't something that will last over time due to where you want it placed, or I think it wont remain a quality piece of work that you'll continue to love because of the size you want, then I'm going to question it.  I'm going to suggest alternatives, ways to improve or adjust it, and I'm going to ask you why it is that you prefer to have it your way.  It's not because I don't like your idea (well, probably not) - it's because I value my work and I value you as a client.

If we go through this process, I promise you the end result will be something you'll love forever. Which is good, since it's permanent.